5 jednoduchých krokov ako deti “oslobodiť” od obrazoviek

Doba pokročila a dnes deti s mobilmi, tabletmi či televízorom doslova vyrastajú. Hranie hier či pozeranie rozprávok sa stáva dennou rutinou už od ranného detstva.

Tí skôr narodení takúto výchovu nepoznajú a často vyjadrujú svoj negatívny názor. Na jednej strane je elektronická gramotnosť dobrá vec no na druhej strane, deti majú problém s odhadnutím správneho času stráveným pred obrazovkami. To často vyústi do hádok či nezhôd s rodičmi, kde nechýbajú krokodílie slzy.

Blogerka Molly DeFrank Vám ale vie pomôcť! Na svojich deťoch vyskúšala akúsi 30-dňovú “očistu” od obrazoviek. Čuduj sa svete, jej 5 detí si po skončení tejto “očisty” na životnú zmenu zvykli. Na svojom blogu opísala ako to u nich predtým ale aj potom vyzeralo. Z vlastnej iniciatívy sa taktiež rozhodla pomôcť aj ostatným rodičom a prezradila 5 účinných krokov ako sa jej to podarilo.

My face here reflects how I felt about the kids‘ screen time one year ago. Grumpiness, arguing, irrational meltdowns-all from my favorite humans on earth. We needed a change. . So I told them: „That’s it, people: No more screens for the next two weeks. No YouTube, no Netflix, no video games or TV. Turn it off. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. We are taking a break. No, we aren’t becoming Amish. (I like my hair dryer too much.) No, it isn’t forever. But we need a technology reset, stat. Mother has spoken.“ . Their faces here kind of look like they did when I broke the news of our Digital Detox. To say they weren’t thrilled is an understatement. . BUT. Would you believe me if I told you that a few weeks into our tech-timeout, the kids THANKED US for doing it? We all decided to continue the detox because the results were so positive. My daughter’s reading level grew five grades. One son (8) ran a house-wide mayoral election with his siblings. Another (6) started reading Food Network Magazine. Their creativity has exploded. They’re more cooperative, obedient and empathetic. I only wish we’d done it sooner. . If your kiddos could use a technology reboot, can I encourage you to give it a try? It costs nothing and will change your life. Check out link in my profile for a free pdf guide for your own detox.

Molly DeFrank posted on Instagram: „My face here reflects how I felt about the kids‘ screen time one year ago. Grumpiness, arguing,…“ * See 720 photos and videos on their profile.

Mollinych 5 detí miluje Netflix, Youtube a rôzne počítačové hry, od ktorých sa nevedeli často ani odtrhnúť. Sama Molly dala za pravdu všetkým výskumom a to, že jej deti sú nesústredené, mrzuté a rady odvrávajú. Poslednou kvapkou pre Molly bolo to, keď sa syn po jej návrate domov ako prvé opýtal: “Môžem si zahrať hry na tvojom mobile?”. Od tohto momentu s manželom vedeli, že ich výchova potrebuje radikálnu zmenu a to čím skôr.

Little man’s school carnival tonight. Gooooo, Skyhawks! He had fun, despite his face. 🤨🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ Maybe Caroline’s face stole all the joy that the stroller could contain? I don’t know.

125 Likes, 9 Comments – Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank) on Instagram: „Little man’s school carnival tonight. Gooooo, Skyhawks! He had fun, despite his face. 🤨🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ Maybe…“

Neverili vlastným očiam

A zmena bola ozaj radikálna…Pri spoločnej večeri deťom oznámili, že v ich dome všetky “obrazovky” skončili. Na ich udivenie, po srdcervúcom plači a škrípaní zubami sa s tým všetci zmierili. To, že táto metóda zafungovala si Molly všimla na svojej 9-ročnej dcére, ktorá jej neraz prizvukovala, že ju táto zmena potešila. Deti začali čítať knihy, ktoré im Molly nestíha kupovať. “Moje deti sa hrajú spolu, sú viac kreatívne, počúvajú, sú šťastnejšie a lepšie sa im spí. Aby bolo jasné, sú to stále ľudské bytosti a škriepia sa medzi sebou ako súrodenci. No zmena ich správania bola celkovo okamžitá, viditeľná a hlavne zmena k lepšiemu,” tvrdí Molly na svojom blogu.

We did not stage this photo. . Months ago we removed screen time from our kids. Why? Because my precious babies were acting like demogorgons. And Mama don’t play. . We’d only allowed an hour a day, but still, the screens apparently muted their creativity, caused grumpiness, fighting and whining. I was not into it. So we pulled the plug, literally. They protested for a hot minute and then we all moved on. I could not believe how easy it was. Seriously, it was like I had my kids back. . I watched my kids go from screen-dependent to cooperatively playing, creating and even making their own „school.“ I couldn’t believe how easy it was. . Certainly, technology can be useful in its right place…but after a quick assessment of my babies‘ behavior, I knew we needed a technology overhaul. . A few Saturdays into our screen detox, my kids woke up one by one and saw my husband and I reading in bed. They grabbed their own books and joined us. At restaurants they bring a stack of books instead of propped ipads. My daughter has grown five reading levels in seven months. . I can’t recommend a family screen overhaul enough. Have you tried it? What happened?

Molly DeFrank shared a photo on Instagram: „We did not stage this photo. . Months ago we removed screen time from our kids. Why? Because my…“ * See 720 photos and videos on their profile.

Parents of teeny tinies: Can I encourage you with something? . With five kids under 10, we have spent the last decade feeling like sit down restaurants were a thing of the past. Taco Bell, pizza. These were the kinds of restaurants our toddler tribe could handle in a family outing. Places where your kid’s tantrums are drowned out by an adjacent kid’s tantrum. . When they were very little, we’d take our kids to real restaurants now and then. But mostly I’d just get annoyed at their tastebuds for not appreciating delicious food. Or feel anxious that our noise would disturb another table’s dining experience. . Well GUESS WHAT. We recently took them to a Thai restaurant and THEY LOVED IT. They sat patiently and waited for their food. They tried and enjoyed each thing we put on their plates. And it only took YEARS of practice. Ups and downs and taking a crying child outside to explain restaurant etiquette AGAIN. I felt like we’d never get here. But here we are. A major win! 🙌🏻 . In case you’re feeling deflated by another outing where you’re watching everyone else enjoy a meal from outside-stay the course!!! Your kids are getting it! Slowly, with each lesson and every bite. Huzzah for long-game parenting. Your motherly instruction, correction and endurance really does pay off. #yestheyreallmine #motherhoodjourney #momstruggles #motherhoodmoments

110 Likes, 12 Comments – Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank) on Instagram: „Parents of teeny tinies: Can I encourage you with something? . With five kids under 10, we have…“

Ako to dokázali?


# 1  30 dní bez obrazoviek. Na drzovku!

Nikdy deťom neskracujte dobu, ktorú strávia za obrazovkami. Takto by ste nič nedosiahli. Ak deti vedia, že majú istý čas, ktorý môžu využiť budú sa Vás neustále vypytovať a Vám z toho môže aj šibnúť. Proste im oznámte, že 30 dní žiadna telka, mobil, tablet či iné zariadenia. “Nevyjednávate z teroristami, proste koniec, dovi,” radí Molly.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are on week three of kid screenlessness. Why would we do this to them? To us? . Three weeks ago, I ran some errands and when I came home several hours later, one of my kids greeted me at the door with this: „Can I play on your phone?“ 😳 . Not „Hi!“ Not „Mommy!!!“ Simply, „Hey, electronics gatekeeper. Gimme my next fix.“ Exsqueeze me? . We’d always allowed the kids an hour or so of screen time after chores. It didn’t feel reckless. The standards we’d set felt responsible, even. But we had noticed that our precious sweet people were displaying behaviors that more closely resembled Gollum than Sméagol. . I knew screens were turning my babies into cranky Lord of the Flies characters. But how could I get my own tasks done-laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning-if these 5 kids weren’t occupied with screens for an hour? My fear of the fallout kept me from making any decisions I’d regret, until my baby asked me for my phone before greeting me. . David and I broke the news to the kids at dinner that we were taking a screen break. After the weeping and gnashing of teeth subsided, we all moved on. . The following morning, the kids didn’t even ask for screens since they knew it was a non-starter. I found them reading, doing LEGOs, playing outside, writing their own graphic novels. We even took a four hour weekend road trip to visit my parents in So Cal-with no movies, just a stack of library books and good conversation. If they try to tell me there’s nothing to do, I rattle off some ideas and then tell them if they’re still having trouble thinking of something I’m happy to give them a chore! They find something pretty quick. . I cannot believe how easy it’s been. I feel like I have my kids back. Of course, we still have sib squabbles from time to time. But not to the extent as when screens were involved. In case you were considering doing the same, I just wanted to encourage you with our great experience so far with five kids under ten. . Selah has reluctantly told me three separate times that she is glad we aren’t doing screens. She’s read half a dozen chapter books in the last three weeks, one was 700 pages. . Want to join us?!

110 Likes, 26 Comments – Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank) on Instagram: „I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are on week three of kid screenlessness. Why would we do…“

# 2  Choďte s nimi do knižnice

Čas, ktorý by strávili pred televízorom alebo počítačom im nahraďte knihami. Postavte pred nich jednu kôpku kníh a nechajte ich čítať. “Knihu im dovolím položiť naspäť iba v prípade ak ich ani po 20-tich stranách nebaví,”

prezradila Molly. Samozrejme nie každé dieťa si čítanie zamiluje no môže potrvať istý čas kým si nájde žáner, ktorý ich bude baviť. Niektoré si nevyberá a prečíta všetko a druhé zase nájde záľubu v komixoch. Ak si nájdu to svoje “pravé orechové” z radosťou budú chodiť do knižnice a hľadať si knihy, ktoré ich zaujmu.

I hoped to pop in the post office quickly last week, but the line was a half dozen people deep with only one postal worker. I sighed and told the kids to grab their books and follow me. . Little known fact: waiting in a tiny post office with lots of kids is the fastest way to induce motherly eye-twitching. Adult strangers stand in line so quietly, you can actually hear my anxiety revving up. And like popcorn kernels at 150 degrees, the kids bounce and flail about. . „Don’t touch the greeting cards. You may not decorate the PO Boxes with stickers. No Cartwheels.“ Cute, loveable little people; but sometimes they also make my eye twitch. But not on this trip. I didn’t even tell them to do this, but they sat down quietly and cracked open their book. How about that?! . I fumbled to grab my phone and snap a pic. . This would not have happened before we made a radical change in our home. In Febraury, I noticed my kids were extra grumpy around screens. I’d had it. So we put our kids on a 30 Day Digital Detox. We stripped them of all screens, pushing the technology reset button. It was easier than we dreamed, and we got our formerly grumpy kids back. Now when we are in public, they are more patient, kind and self-sufficient. (Certainly we also have off-days, as the children are still human beings.) But overall, we’ve seen radical improvement since implementing our Digital Detox. . Are your kids grumpy? Do you think it’s because of the screen trance? Give the detox a shot! It might just change your life.

113 Likes, 8 Comments – Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank) on Instagram: „I hoped to pop in the post office quickly last week, but the line was a half dozen people deep with…“

# 3  Vytvorte si zoznam aktivít pre prípad núdze

Je samozrejme, že raz musí prísť aj tá chvíľa nudy. Buďte vždy pripravený a spíšte si zoznam aktivít, ktoré nahradia napríklad sledovanie televízie. “Napíš list, poskladaj puzzle, zahraj si kartu alebo spoločenskú hru, vylez na strom,” inšpiruje nápadmi Molly. No ak aj napriek tomu si Vaše dieťa nevyberie môžete ho nechať vymyslieť si niečo vlastné alebo mi prideliť nejakú domácu prácu – vyber umývačku alebo poskladaj prádlo.

# 4  Pozorujte ich

Sledujte čo Vaše detí baví ak nesedia celý deň pred obrazovkami. Kope Váš syn stále do futbalovej lopty? Chce si niektoré dieťa stále zahrať šachy alebo sa rado hrá s vodovými farbami? Pošlite ich na futbalový tábor, zapíšte ich na šachový krúžok alebo im kúpte maliarske potreby. Je to tak jednoduché!

„Mom, I could just eat you because you are so lovely!“ said Caroline. „No! Because then we would have no more mommy!“ responded her foster sister. „Well, I will only take a tiny bite and then put on a band-aid.“ reasoned Caroline. . David enjoyed a similarly strange expression of love today: . „I love you to the moon, baby girl.“ Foster daughter: „I love you to the sun. And you’re on the sun. And your eyes get so bright that they get ‚taked‘ off.“ . Why aren’t four year olds writing all of the greeting cards? Cannibalism and death by bursting eyeballs? Whoever said romance is dead must have had their own eyes taked off. Because it’s true what Prime Minister Hugh Grant once said: „If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.“ . What creepy/adorable things have your children said to you today?

59 Likes, 7 Comments – Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank) on Instagram: „“Mom, I could just eat you because you are so lovely!“ said Caroline. „No! Because then we would…“

# 5  Vytvorte si plán do budúcna

Porozprávajte sa so svojim manželom/partnerom o tom, čo sa Vám počas týchto 30-tich dní páčilo a čo nie. Potom spoločne vymyslite ideálny kompromis ako čiastočne navrátiť televíziu, mobil či tablet do každodenného života. “Jednoznačne sme sa zhodli na jednej hodine, jeden deň do týždňa. V nedeľu.

Deti si môžu vybrať videohru alebo reláciu, ktorú si na hodinu chcú pozrieť. A koniec,” navrhuje Molly. Jej ďalšie návrhy sú napríklad, rodinná súťaž v Mario Kart-e potom ako umyjú spoločne riad alebo filmovú noc s popcornom. Je to len na Vás!

Lion King with this sweet thang. Amazing show, cast, costumes, all of it. 🦁👑💗

95 Likes, 0 Comments – Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank) on Instagram: „Lion King with this sweet thang. Amazing show, cast, costumes, all of it. 🦁👑💗“


“Kľúčové je to aby technológie pracovali pre nás, nie naopak.” – Molly DeFrank


Koľko času strávia pred obrazovkami Vaše deti? Vyskúšali by ste takúto “očistu?

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